HiHo Silver - Premium Horse Grooming Product - Packaging Concept Design

HiHo Silver – Packaging

Packaging Design for HiHo Silver Horse Grooming Product Line

Premium Horse Grooming Products

Identity/logo and package design.

HiHo Silver is a line of premium horse grooming products. The parameters of the project were to create a new identity and new packaging for a variety of products within the line. Elite show horse owners and rodeo show performers were the intended target market. Each piece of the package design including bottles, jars, label paper and inks along with hang tags were hand selected to create a cohesive and consistent brand throughout the entire line. The end goal was to create a product that stood out amongst other grooming lines and was still highly functional for the user.

Packaging for other similar product lines was unimpressive and did not jump off the shelf. The quality of the product (not necessarily the packaging) is most important to show horse owners. The challenge then, was to create utilitarian packaging that was functional yet beautiful. Conveying the quality of the product through quality package design was also very important. The end result is a visually stunning, stand-out-from-the-crowd package that is easy to use and displays the necessary product information through beautiful design.