Designs for Scarbabes | Snake Charmers

Identity Design, Screenprint & Packaging

HMLA 367 – Squadron Spouses Club – USMC, Marine Corps

The group is currently located in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Challenge was to create a strong yet feminine logo for the group. Including a cobra/snake into the design was a requirement. The identity was then used to produce a variety of other print and web materials.

Concept: The traditional “Sailor Jerry” style tattoos originated in Waikiki for service members. I used elements of that traditional style tattoo to create artwork for the spouse club’s identity and it was then screen printed onto t-shirts and also used as a wine label.

Deliverables: Logo, identity, wine label, t-shirt design, electronic newsletter.

Two versions of the identity have been used, one that says “Snakecharmers” and one that says “Scarbabes”