Betsy Holt is the award-winning creative mastermind behind Dallas, Texas based graphic design firm, Heavens to Betsy Design. She is brilliantly fun, wicked fast and builds strategic brands for small businesses all over the world.


I’m a published, award-winning, creative genius with a bushel of branding and marketing experience.  I’ve crafted and managed brands for neighborhood, mom-and-pop shops,  I’ve worked with big brand names such as Fossil, Michele, DKNY, and Zodiac, and I do it all with one goal in mind: to help them GROW and LOOK STUNNING. 

Everything you need for your small business branding.

From logos and stationery to packaging, websites, t-shirts and sales pages…I’ve designed just about one of everything. Design, however, is just one part of the creative cocktail. Add a dash of spirit and a pinch of ingenuity and you’ve got yourself a strong foundation to grow your small business.


Small businesses turn to Heavens to Betsy when they need branding, identity, print design, web graphics and so much more - fast and on a budget!


Adventure is my middle name…

Don’t let my clean lines, white space and weakness for danish modern furniture fool you…I’m a tried and true brand guru here to help no matter what your style. I thrive on adventure and if I’m not learning something new, I’m not doing my job right. I’ve worn just about every hat I’ve been handed and I’d like to try on a few more.


There’s More to it Than Meets the Eye…

Your brand isn’t just a logo or packaging, it should have a personality all it’s own and be someone that your clients fall in love with. That’s the idea behind every brand and I’m here to help you create the brand of your dreams, one that works hard FOR you and tells your story better than ever. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right


Look your best on paper (& pixels).

You should always put your best foot forward, right? Well, consider me your businesses personal brand stylist. I’m here to pin, tuck and brush your brand to perfection.


Ready to get started building YOUR brand?

Contact me here or send a carrier pigeon.  I’m excited to hear from you!





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